by danhiggs

What are the reasons for the stereotypes and messages that this representation creates by Disney princess’ such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel? Firstly the audience would prefer to watch something that they already have a little bit of ground knowledge for rather than watching something completely new. The Disney Corporation sticks to the same representation of Damsels in Distress because they are aware that their target audience knows about the stereotypes they are trying to put across so they will understand them when they are put into a new context. This leads to more people wanting to watch these films as they are comfortable when they have a background of information understanding their roles and values of certain characters. This is obviously what Disney wants, they sell their image by categorising the Princess’ to make them easy to understand as it is much easier to market when there is only one image of a certain group which is in this case the Damsels in Distress.

How realistic is the representation of women being nothing but “the damsel in distress”? Well I don’t think it is realistic at all for the simple reason that the “Prince Charming” that will sweep you off your feet and take away your problems simply does not exist. The females of todays society are put under the influence that this man does exist and then there are the males that are left with high expectations of the women’s appearance and capability. Rob Roberson an online blogger has a viewpoint regarding his opinion on ‘Damsels in Distress’ he said “Every time a man sees a pretty lass who needs help, a slob of  a man turns into a chivalrous knight in shining armour.” By mentioning the knight in shining armour he has generated this representation from the Disney corporation. Rob states himself that the ‘slob’ ordinary man can be seen as a knight simply because of the representation of rescuing a women in trouble. They can be seen as heroic and charming.

The representation of the women are all seen as vulnerable, pretty, helpless beings that have no intention of succeeding in life without their prince. How about the actual women that are in every day society? Why aren’t they featuring on films? What about the successful women, the solo mums, the ones that can’t sing, the lesbians, the sick girls, the educated girls and what about just the every day teenage girl? The Disney Corporation has ignored societies actual types of women and instead generated the stereotypes that reinforce the message of the Damsel in Distress. One who can not tend for herself, is in trouble, is helpless and trapped under the mothers control.

Although coming across a Prince in your every day life is unlikely maybe society likes the idea of that and that is the reason they hold onto the perceptions of Disney, hoping that one day what happens to the Princess’ may happen to them.