Representation #3 – Tangled

by danhiggs


Disney’s Tangled is a 2010 remake of Rapunzel. Rapunzel is kept in the top of her castle where is she never allowed out due to strict instructions from her mother. Rapunzel dreams of the day the Prince saves her and she is allowed to explore outside of the castle at her own freedom.

This clip of the movie shows Rapunzel singing about her daily routine. Which includes cooking, cleaning and painting. She states how she can’t wait to be free at this point in time she isn’t aware of the fact that a male character is going to save her. “When will my life begin?” By the Male coming to save her it conveys the message that Rapunzel was incapable of escaping from her mother on her own terms. Instead she needed the help of  a “Strong, dominant” male named Flynn.


Once Flynn rescues rapunzel out of her tower they get married. You can see in this picture taken from the movie that Rapunzels smile represents how happy she is to be with Flynn, and how thankful she is of him for getting her away from her mother.

Once again Disney reflects to society that a man can rescue a girl from any situation that a female is un-capable of handling herself. Once the female finds her perfect man then she will be able to live “Happily Ever After” with no troubles in her life as the man will always be there to look after her. Much like Flynn and Rapunzel.