Representation #2- Cinderella

by danhiggs


Disney’s Cinderella like Sleeping Beauty is represented as nothing but a Damsel in Distress, she is constantly wishing to find her perfect prince in order for her to be happy and escape from her horrible life with her step mum and ugly sisters.


This picture represents Cinderella being unhappy with her life at home because her mother and sisters make her complete all the cleaning and cooking for them. While she is doing these chores she is often filmed singing about coming across her “Prince Charming” that will pick her up off her feet and rescue her from her horrible family so that she will never have to do any chores like these again, nor will she see her family again because her Prince is all that matters to her. She fantasises the moment that he will come to get her.

In this video we see Cinderella having her first dance with the Prince. Her facial expressions show lust and admiration as she is finally face to face with a Prince. This generates an unrealistic message for society because we hear her singing the lyrics while dancing, “so this is love. So this is what makes life divine” yet this is the first time she has even come close to the Prince and she is already declaring her love for him. This gives the representation of the women that as soon as she lays eyes on the male she has already fallen for him regardless of not knowing him. Cinderella shows features whilst dancing that represent her feeling happy and satisfied for the first time in her life. She is no longer thinking about her chores instead she is constantly thinking of the male she is with. She to has fallen under his spell of love.

This is one of the final scenes from Cinderella. When she gets the opportunity to try the glass shoe on her facials and gestures show her excitement as she personally knows she will fit the shoe, and she is going to be able to get married with Prince Charming. At the end of this clip it shows her reuniting with the Prince as she marries him and sets off to live her “Happily Ever After” free of her cleaning duties and also free from her horrible family. The Prince acts as a hero in Cinderella, although he doesn’t save her from any horrible dragons or dangers he does save her from her hate of family.

The representation of Cinderella conveys the message that if a female is ever in a situation where she is unhappy or in trouble she just has to wait for her Prince Charming to come and rescue her and everything will be okay.