Representation #1- Sleeping Beauty

by danhiggs


Disney’s Sleeping Beauty is represented as nothing but a Damsel in Distress, she is constantly wishing to find her perfect prince in order for her to be happy and escape from her life.

At the beginning of this video “Once upon a dream” we see her talking to the animals about never being able to find the perfect prince as “they never want me to meet anyone.” She then begins to sing about how she dreams of her perfect prince that is going to save her from this. As the song builds up she talks about his eyes and hair and the animals form the shape of a prince for her to dance with, Sleeping Beauty sounds un-satisifed with life, like she needs her prince in order to be happy. When she spins around to find herself in the arms of a real prince she is lost for words as she has never come across this before. her facial expression shows she is shocked yet excited. She immediately devotes all her attention the the Prince because this is what she has always dreamed of. They arrange to meet later that night as she already can’t bare to be without him even though he is a complete stranger, he has seduced her under his spell with his dazzling good looks.

This is a clip from the film of the Prince fighting off the dragon in his hunt to rescue Sleeping Beauty who is lying locked away in a castle. This representation shows that the male goes to any extremes to rescue a lady, putting his own life at risk for the female. At the end of the clip when the Prince has killed the dragon and reached Sleeping Beauty he gives her a kiss which awakens her, her expression as soon as she opens her eyes is a soft romantic smile showing off her gratitude and happiness to see the Prince again. She is now in the safe hands of the Prince so she knows she is going to live “Happily Ever After”

This representation shows the audience that in order for the female to be happy with life she must be picked off her feet by a charming Prince who is willing to “fight till death” for her. This conveys an unrealistic message to society as in reality there is no such thing as a Prince, instead just ordinary men. This ingrains high expectations for women of finding the perfect man, that will tend to her every need when she is in trouble, when really Disney has created this “Perfect man” that doesn’t actually exist in todays society.