In conclusion

by danhiggs

Disney fairy tales represent women as continuously being nothing but “the damsel in distress”. This idea reflects upon women to make them think that they are vulnerable to men and need to be rescued in order to have their “happy ever after.” This conveys the message to women in todays society that a young female is incapable of looking after herself and instead needs a man to care and tend for her. To conclude this I can say that I have looked at enough research to suggest that this representation has done negative damage on young women in todays society and the Disney Corporation is to blame. They created the idea of beauty, they created the idea of the prince rescuing the princess, they created the idea of the damsel in distress and by forcing all these unrealistic ideas into the younger generations heads they have ingrained content that is not actually useful in reality instead they person is left doubting themselves. Disney should really be teaching the generation about work ethic, independence and life skills but instead they have taught useless information about waiting for a Prince to rescue you from a troublesome situation. What is going to happen when the young person is really thrown into a troublesome situation? They can’t just sit there and wait for a Prince can they?